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Lutron Maestro 600-Watt 3-Way Dimmer Kit

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Lutron Maestro 600-Watt 3-Way Dimmer Kit

The Lutron Maestro 600-Watt 3-Way Dimmer Kit provides smooth light fading, allowing time for your eyes to adjust and for you to leave the room before being left in the dark. Operate the dimmer by tapping the touch pad to turn on and adjust the light brightness, and pressing and holding for the lights to shut off. Soft-glow LEDs show what dimming level the switch is set at and provide a locator light when searching for the switch in the dark.

  • Controls lighting fixtures in up to 10 locations
  • Adjust the level of dimming according to the number of taps applied
  • Press, hold and release to dim the lights off
  • Lights fade up and down smoothly allowing your eyes to adjust
  • UL listed
  • Soft-glow LEDs indicate the current light level and enable you to find the control in the dark
  • 3-way dimming control allows dimming or switching from 1 location and on/off switching from a second location
  • Includes 1 Maestro smart dimmer, 1 Maestro accessory dimmer and 2 Claro screwless wall plates
  • MFG Brand Name : Lutron
  • MFG Model # : MAW-603-RH-LA

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