Luxury High Tech Earphones A8 style

Luxury High Tech Earphones A8 style
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Luxury High Tech Headphones - CD players, MP3 / MP4 players, iPods, etc.


Combines comfort, design, and unsurpassed sound quality into its state of the art headphones. Supports all iPod models.

All too often, earphones must sacrifice comfort for the sake of sound quality and vice versa. The perfect balance with earphones that embody both - designed to fit the individual ear and deliver unsurpassed sound quality.

Contours and curves:
With conventional earphones much of the sound never makes it into the ear. To stop this kind of leakage, we have developed earphones that can be adjusted to fit the contours and curves of the individual ear.

The Earphones are crafted from anodised aluminum and hard rubber giving them both flexibility and robust durability.


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